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The methodology is basic and straight forward described in three steps:  1) Listening to the client on emotional, technical and marketing levels,  2) Creating the site and relevant adjunct support instruments utilizing WordPress, Umbraco, Magento among others and 3) Evolve which includes initial development and constant adaptation and updating to keep it relevant.


The site is multi-faceted so that much of the same material such as goals and processes are presented in diverse contexts.  The menu items, home (logo), work, expertise, process, agency, blog and contact all overlap so the client can explore the site creating a path relevant to their interests.

The site contains a well-organized blog with an ample and broad spectrum of material for the uninitiated as well as the professional.


The SPINX Digital website is a smooth presentation of very professional graphics and text boxes.  The entire content of the website is on a single page which can be accessed through a menu or just roll down the page.  The sharp green and black background colors knit the diverse sections in a seamless transition.




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